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Important: beehive should add 6in And she was big on ballet flats

Amy Winehouse: 20 Iconic Memories #infographic

Amy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos and Wig Halloween Costume

This kit comes with one beehive wig in black and a sheet of life size Amy Winehouse temporary tattoos. Now you can have an Amy Winhouse Tattoo without the pain. The perfect Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume.

Amy Winehouse                Laura

Amy Winehouse Laura

Amy Winehouse with her tattoos. When it comes time, choose tattoos that are meaningful to you, as Amy did. But preferably not including your a**hole boyfriend's name. (You should ditch him, btw. He's nothing but trouble and a parasite.)

Amy Winehouse

The singer. The songwriter. Channel your inner Amy and rock tattoos from head to toe! (true to size, Amy Winehouse tattoos) The set includes: - Blake's - Girl - Never Clip M