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O Cravo Brigou com a Rosa - Claudete Soares

This... This just broke me... like how dare you??

Counting Stars Lyrics OneRepublic

de Nasty Galaxy

Working For The Weekend

[Open] Cora)) I slowly walk the woods towards my secret hotspring. Nobody knew it was here and I was glad to keep it that way. Once I arrive at the entrance I push away the large bushes that conceal the small pond. Once I am concealed behind the foilage I behind to strip off the clothes I had on. Once I am in my underclothes I slowly sit in the hot water of the spring. I close my eyes and relax in the warm liquid until I hear a snap of a branch in the distance. I shoot up and look around…

Invaluable for short girls: How to hem jeans while leaving the original hemline!

He wasn't sure what was in the stairwell but he knew it wasn't human. He slowly approached the door and gulped before looking through the glass. He could feel his pulse racing and told himself he would not gasp no matter what he saw.