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Living is easy with eyes closed- LOST

[Charlie hugs Hurley] Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: Dude, it's fine. I don't even want to go on your stupid boat. Charlie Pace: Catch up with you later. Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: Yeah, whatever, I love you too.

Lost - Desmond I loved this show and wish there was more seasons!! I watched it off if Netflix

"Orientation" – Desmond, talking to Jack while they wait for Kate to bring Sayid so he can hopefully fix the broken computer. Meanwhile, Jack has many questions, and Desmond provides short answers while trying to fix the computer himself.

LOST || roufaida ❀ (@flight815survivors) on Instagram: “[ 1.11 ]

LOST || roufaida ❀ (@flight815survivors) on Instagram: “[ 1.11 ]


Jack Faces LOL :) Lost, Dharma Initiative, Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox - Oh this is for you Metcalf !