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Barn owls vanishing...

Barn Owls vanishing

Last month I was staggered to learn how bad things are for barn owls. According to the Barn Owl Trust, this year there are fewer barn owls in Britain than there have ever been.

Photographer Mike Hudson

looks like the barn owl I was able to adopt this Christmas thanks to my amazing sister :)

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The Australian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae) is a barn owl of Southern New Guinea and the non-desert areas of Australia. Females are darker shaded and larger than males.


Close up of Hawk Owl perched on a branch near Bird Creek fall Southcentral Alaska

Barn Owl by fay

** OWL: " Soes me hadz to creep step by step usin' stealth to getz me prey. Meez shadow would haz fallen on de ground befores it and dat rodent woulda skittered aways.

7 young barn owls :)

Seven Beauties - Young Barn Owls - Utah. Owls look kinda creepy when they are young.