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Teenager Post I turned my phone on "AIRPLANE MODE" and threw it up in the air. Worst transformer ever.


this is actually kinda true. kids are told when to eat, what to eat, when we can go to the bathroom, what we are supposed to do even AFTER we get out of school and when to exercise or go outside and what to wear.>>>>I totally agree!

Ya that was a while ago :)

hahahah im in and we still do that as a punishment!

This is soooo me when my friend isn't at school, since she's my only friend that's in all of my classes!

This is soooo me when my friend isn't at school, since she's my bestie and the only one I like to talk to.

When I was a kid I....

I used to be friends with this weird girl named Isabella. oh wait, i still am. U know i luvu in that friend kinda way. it sounded a lot less awkward in my head.

Yeeesss and when you feel for the power socket, put your hands over the hole and try and do some kind of ninja thing to get it in, only for you to fail, have enough, and turn the light on.

Teenager Post - I think we can all agree that one of the hardest things in life is trying to plug in your charger in the dark.

Lol I did that today

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