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Best Disney Tattoo - Modern Disney Princesses (By Emmanuel Viola)

Disney Tattoo – Modern Disney Princesses (By Emmanuel Viola)

goth disney princesses | emo ariel | Tumblr

Name: Hilary age: 15 Powers/ turns into mermaid Description: Sup! I'm Hilary, I'm 15 & I can turn into a mermaid! I've been in the adoption center since I was 10 yrs! Adopt me soon!

Sailor Jasmine

Part of a series showing Disney heroines as Sailor Scouts: Jasmine from "Aladdin". Art by Drachea Rannak. The whole thing is amazing

Satiate your obsession with some of our favorite artistic renditions of Disney princesses!

Disney Princesses Like You've Never Seen Them

The male and Indian one I don't like not being racist oh my sweet lord Ariel looks amazing!

To match the hipster princesses

These Are The Princesses . The Twisted Princesses Can you name them just by looking at the pictures and without peeking at the name ? We shall see To see the Twisted Princesses individually scroll down and enjoy .