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TARYN SIMON | Taryn Simon mostra sua surpreendente concepção fotográfica – revela mundos e pessoas que, de outra forma, nunca teríamos a oportunidade de ver. Ela nos mostra dois projetos: um documenta lugares estranhos mantidos em segredo, o outro envolve imagens evocativas de homens condenados por crimes que não cometeram.

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As 20 palestras TED mais inspiradoras para arquitetos

Galeria de As 20 palestras TED mais inspiradoras para arquitetos

Public art transforms spaces and connects people, revitalizing its surroundings. Immerse yourself in these talks that morph communities into masterpieces.

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A Too-Perfect Picture

Photographs reveal the worldview of the photographer. Acclaimed photographer, Steve McCurry has a formula that he uses to tell stories about India-- one generally elicits a gasp of 'wow'. What if his images are pedaling just a simple fantasy of the culture and not the truth of each moment. Teju Cole speaks on photographer Raghubir Singh and what makes his photos so stark, and so powerful.

In 1981, Sophie Calle did something I think about every time I go to a hotel: she took up a job as a housekeeper at a hotel and spied on the guests. She took photos of the beds and closests and trash cans, read the letters and papers she found, and took notes on what she saw. These documents were then published as Ecrit sur l’image. L’Hotel. The Hotel piques the viewer’s own curiosities or offenses by inviting the viewer in on someone else’s privacy. It is a betrayal – betraying the trust…

15 TED Talks que vão mudar a tua vida

"Lost Memories." I wasn't sure what board to pin this too. Just sharing it via the Internet feels ironic, but it's worth thinking about. We're replacing physical mementoes with digital ones, and that means we risk losing them. The Internet is not substantial.

The unheard story behind the Sistine Chapel | Elizabeth Lev #TED #TedTalks