Penthouse connected with slide

New York Penthouse with a slide! Spiral slide New York penthouse by LEVEL Architects

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This amazing square foot penthouse apartment is located in the 1914 landmark clock tower building in New York. new york penthouse

Now this is what I imgine an adult staircase should look like. Nothing like having something, that holds the ability to allow us adults to be kids again

15 Spectacular Stairs and Staircase Designs

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy a good indoor slide now and again? Scott Jones, for one, had the above stairs-and-slide combination custom carved from mahogany – and clearly made sure the craftsmen checked for slivers. Holy crap I want one

Add visual interest to a space by choosing a vivid color and repeating it through accessories, art, and paint colors.  This not-so-desirable soffit becomes a fun focal point when treated as an asset.

An amazing design of a luxury penthouse in New York that includes a spiral slider inside of it between the levels which is really fun and innovative.

Why not have a slide in your house

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Stairs are optional in this Manhattan duplex penthouse. The kid in you would love giant metal slide to use every day!

A 3-story "helter skelter" slide at the Electric Works office in Sheffield, U.K. I love this, I do. Ppl think they'd love to work somewhere that had things like this but then whenever the economy takes a downturn, the companies are slammed for frivolous spending on 'things like these'. Can't win.

Pictured: Britain's first indoor office helter skelter sees staff slide down three floors in just seven seconds

I have seen pictures of indoor slides, including spiral slides, on the 'net (example on the left), and have wondered whether they were r.

Turn The House Into A Playground – Fun Slides Designed For Kids

Turn The House Into A Playground – Fun Slides Designed For Kids

Spiral slide New York penthouse by LEVEL Architects 3 Sliding Down A New York Penthouse Double Level Floor Plan


A slide inside the Electric Works office space in Sheffield, UK. (Photo courtesy of Ben Terrett © All rights reserved


Sliding Into Our Hearts: Incredible Indoor Slides

Wouldnt you just love to be a kid in this house? What a fun design by Aboday Architects. The concrete slide goes from the kids bedroom on the second floor to the dining room on the main floor. The slide doubles as a secrete cave.