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Gurkha troops capture Hangmans Hill! Cassino, Italy. Today in #WW2 history 3/17/44. We've always felt that the Nepalese Gurkhas who fought under the British for the Allies were some of the roughest, toughest fighters in the war. Today in 1944 they captured Hangmans Hill in the battle for Cassino and held out for 16 days against the German 1st Parachute Division (one of the greatest fighting formations to ever take the field). Out of 1,000 Gurkha soldiers on that hill only 185 survived.

Caucasian (Cossack) qama / kindjal, 19th century, steel, leather, wood, silver…

Tauriel's Daggers from The Hobbit reproduction by Coregeek

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Confecção Própria de Roupas Medievais,Cigana, Época,Religiosas, Fantasias,cosplay, Esotéricas

The Sons of Liberty are a group of people who protested against the tea and Townshend acts. the did this by making their own tea and crops. They are the ones that are responsible for the Boston tea party. they include Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Doctor Joseph Warren, and Patrick Henry, just to name a few. They also tarred and feathered the tax-collectors to keep them away.

A couple of Brit commandos back from the Lofoten islands of Norway w/ their loot. The fish oil and glycerine they destroyed in Norway was a vital ingredient in the manufacture of high explosives. The Brits were in and out on March 4, 1941. 300 Norwegian volunteers for the Free Norwegian Forces in Britain came on board with them to return to England. This was the first of 12 commando raids against Norway and caused the Germans to eventually station 370,000 soldiers there.

Song Dynasty style Jian - Longquan, China

Before there was Yalta, there was Malta. Today in WW2 history 2/2/45 Churchill & FDR met here before flying to see Stalin. When Roosevelt's ship arrived in the harbor on the island of Malta the British ships gave the president a 21-gun salute. Churchill and his daughter Sarah were dockside. Thousands of people swarmed the port and went crazy when Churchill flashed the 'V' for victory sign and waved his cigar.

Skelletto William Malloy/ Robert Williams A skeletal stiletto. ATS-34 knife of 9.5 inches, blade 5.5 inches. All excess steel has been removed in order to make this lightweight dagger. Provided with leather encased, kydex sheathing. A variety of finishes: ATS-34, gun blue Diamondkote, titanium Diamondkote, and brushed silver.