Anatomy for Sculptors, Understanding the Human Figure: Uldis Zarins with Sandis Kondrats, Monika Hanley, Sabina Grams, Edgars Vegners: 9780990341109: Books

Anatomy for Sculptors Understanding the Human Form Most easy-to-use human anatomy guide for artists, explaining the human body in a simple manner Get it.

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Teres Major muscle is part of six muscles in the human body referred to as the scapulohumeral muscles. The muscle is located on the underside of the upper arm, in the area between the shoulder.

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Human Anatomy for Artists - How to draw a man - how to draw muscles - great drawing reference for comic and manga (is it me or does he look like e Greek statue?

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Here is the second part to my color theory poster. I need to pass it around for input, and then I will release both posters as PDF files, f.

I liked this one for the front and back references of muscular legs. Human Anatomy Sculpting Videos in Zbrush by Painzang Painzang is a Character Artist.