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Кукляндия: Игрушки вязаные крючком

A grand list of 225 free crochet amigurumi patterns that all makes perfect cuddly toys and can also be used as best lovey to your babies!

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Dots HOOK: Free Patterns amigurumi cat, rat, bunny, pig, and dog. All very cute but patterns are not in English.

Ravelry: Christmas Knit Ornament Pattern Set pattern by Amy Gaines

Christmas Ornament Set pattern by Amy Gaines

You have to see Christmas Ornament Knit Pattern Set on Craftsy! - Looking for knitting project inspiration? Check out Christmas Ornament Knit Pattern Set by member Amy Gaines.

Download this free pattern at Amigurumipatterns.net

Rudy, The Reindeer - Free crochet pattern by Serah Basnet / Tales of Twisted Fibers. Measures inch to the tip of his ears in yarn.

Minions are in the House! They’re yellow, they love bananas, and they glow in the dark, these cute yellow people make you laugh, while you learn more life

DIY Crochet Minion Free Patterns

You love animated Minions from Despicable Me for any reason. Here is a fabulous collection of Crochet Minion patterns , enjoy these cute Minion projects !

ALWAYS visit http://www.sharktankseasonsix.com/hoppy-paws BEFORE buying Hoppy Paws Reindeer Hoof Stamp Kit!

Crochet Moose - Tutorial, not in English but looks like single crochet so I could probably figure it out. Printed pattern can be translated and printed.

You'll love these Crochet Minions and they're all FREE Patterns. Check out the Minion Cushions too!

Minion Free Crochet Pattern Collection All The Best Ideas

Make Kevin, Bob and Stuart. Free Minion Crochet Patterns by Amigurumis Fanclub. Bob Stuart Kevin More Patterns Like This!



Игрушки крючком от Nelly Handmade. Описание вязания

Using these free crochet animal patterns you can create any animal you want by changing muzzle and ears. The crochet animal patterns suit to beginners.

Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath As soon as the Christmas decorations come down in my house, I like to get things moving on to the next holida.