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I thought I was gonna be angry and invalidated but thank you friend it means a lot << I'm so happy you've discovered what it means to be asexual and that this pin exists.

Some people think Shakespeare really was gay or bi, watch Doctor Who the Shakespeare code. Also beat mom ever lol // not just Shakespeare but also hamilton, and actually a lot of the soldiers in the revolution were peob gey

I don't need someone to complete me, I'm whole on my own.<< I'm not aro\ace but they do matter and deserve to be treated better

I was at the first Steinbach pride march today and let me tell you it was freaking amazing<<<Sounds amazing.

I would so watch a show like this!!!

I'm asexual and I'm exactly like "Nothing". I'm super hyper and flirty, and everyone thinks I'm bisexual then I tell them I'm asexual and then they get it(after explaining what an asexual is).<<< omg I'm pansexual and I am like all!

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I just researched this, and apparently these weren't gay lions, BUT male lions do form pairs to survive together and share affection and companionship, which is still sweet.

In complete honesty I love the fact that I didn't think of any other reason than having a girl friend who likes the same things and doesn't think like a guy that a guy would say thi

Yeah... Except, I have some guy friends, even in elementary. I just simply don't want anything to do with them in any other way

I never understood until my friend introduced me to this little concept called "asexual.

Greek mythology can be dated as far back as BC, so no, homosexuality is not some "new fad." And don't gimme the bullshit of, "it's mythology"; art imitates life, meaning they drew the inspiration from real-life LGBT individuals

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Then that person is a troll cause otherwise they would have been like "no we've met before, remember Jason? That was me" or something ☼○☼ The above comment makes sense, buuuut it'd still be a fun movie.