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plum blossom roll.

Plum Blossom Sushi Roll (Source: Use Real Butter)


Estos platos son tan pero tan tiernos, que es imposible comerlos

Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi: Combining two of my favourite themes, this sushi is a must. (My most favourite of all is amaebi, sweet shrimp, have you tried it?

Not even the kids will be able to resist a delicious and colorful roll of...fruishi.

new discovery - strawberry & sushi = yummy!

Sushi ... looks so delightful.

foodstuff We can solely preference sweet, sour, salty plus poisonous. Its the scent of the food that basically gives it flavor.

Marinated Tuna Sushi

Marinated Fresh Tuna Nigiri Sushi by cookpad.

plum blossom sushi roll recipe | use real butter

Plum blossom sushi roll - start with masago (flying fish roe) scallops, avocado, and maguro (tuna)


We carry Sushi Grade Salmon (Sake) responsibly harvested from Scotland. Our Salmon Sushi is extremely buttery, and the finest available.

7 Odd foods that KILL your abdominal fat!

phoods: f-word: seared tuna nigiri (photo by _bambi_)

Sushi Roll. Mmm...I need some Wabi Sabi in my life.

So craving sushi R right now

Healthy Eating.. LOVE SUSHI!!! https://www.airbnb.fr/c/jeremyj1489

And of course, Sushi is on top of the list


How To Make Sushi - Avocado Mango Rolls Recipe Video

Redfish Roll: Spicy Tuna Roll topped with Sake & Avocado

Redfish Roll: Spicy Tuna Roll topped with Sake & Avocado

Boston Roll - Sushi Recipe

Boston Roll - Sushi Recipe

sushi and sashimi

I love sushi

Maine dynamite lobster roll. This sushi roll is an entire meal in itself!

Maine lobster roll at Prime in Delray Beach, Florida. This sushi roll is an entire meal in itself!

California Sushi Rolls Roll your own low-fat sushi with a combination of fillings. Finish it off by dipping in a ginger-based sauce.

California Sushi Rolls

Easy & Healthy California Sushi Rolls - It would be so much fun to make sushi sometime! Use cauliflower rice.