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Get inspired by the art of Marc Simonetti, official illustrator for George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, HP Lovecraft et Terry Goodkind and also concept arti


Kay Huang is an illustrator and concept artist based in China. You can (and should) check out his full gallery over at Deviant Art.

The Name of the Wind - Tuck box (Kingkiller Chronicle Fan? VISIT http://eoliantavern.wix.com/eoliantavern)

Name of the Wind playing cards! This is a Kickstarter project by Albino Dragon, and is based on the books by Patrick Rothfuss.

Owl Always Be Reading: Blog Tour + Giveaway + Book Review: The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst (Book #1 of the Queens of Renthia)

Tree House Revisited - what an amazing art! Reminds me of the tree homes of the Na'vi in Avatar but it is somehow more Tolkien inspired.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pyke

House Greyjoy of Pyke is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. It rules over the Iron Islands, a harsh and bleak collection of forbidding islands off the.