Es que a veces no pensamos con la cabeza

Use your brain! by Matheus Lopes I love zombies!

“They’re Deaadd!”  So creepy but hilarious all at once

Tony the Zombie Tiger by Rob Sacchetto


☆ Pin-up Zombie Anatomy -:¦:- Artist Marcus Jones ☆ This image helps when pointing and defining sections of the body and muscles. It maybe important when it comes to adding detail on Henry's leg time dependant.


Pink Eyes by Pureloloferrari on Deviant Art

Zombie Brains Art Print Poster

If a zombie ever ran for president this would be his campaign poster. Done in the art style of the famous obama poster. If a zombie ever had a slogan it's brains.

Aim For the Head, The Zombie Hunters Guide To Poetry

Aim For the Head, The Zombie Hunters Guide To Poetry

Aim For The Head - Zombie Hunters Guide

another zombie propaganda poster !  (via Zombie Propaganda Posters | Desperate Zombie)

another zombie propaganda poster ! (via Zombie Propaganda Posters

Vegetarian Zombie by Javier Ramos Eguiluz

Walker Carl?...... :'-(

The Walking Dead Zombie Art zombie carl - walking dead artwork by the zombie nationthe

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Mateus Santolouco

The Last Screaming Lamb : Photo

Virgins - Suicides

One of them has the task of flicking manual switches downstairs, to monitor which rooms I visit in my flat. It's all about number-crunching and data collection. Being housebound makes me a perfect target.


Are You Ready For A Zombie Attack? If not, you better read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It gives you step by step instructions for surviving the worst of the Zombie Apocalypse.

// it even looks like us! right down to the beard and the quirky sweater. may our full coffee mugs be the only things that ever come between us. ['coffee tastes better' by brooke webber]

Coffee Tastes Better Greeting Card - Brooke Weeber of Little Canoe

C'est Vendredi, c'est le Bordel #54

C'est Vendredi, c'est le Bordel #54

Zombie takes me to the prom!

It's so good her eyes rolled into the back of her head

Artificial Life: The Zombies are Already Here Paul Markel © 2012 According to every Hollywood movie I’ve seen, zombies are flesh-eaters with the prime delicacy being the brains.