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I like to pretend that once my hair gets that long, it'll just start looking like that naturally :p

Long sleeve peplum - I need one and her hair is absolutely perfect.

Guide on Makeup Contouring

hair Teased Ponytail Hairstyle Inspiration to grow your hair long.Love her long hairstyles . Love her hair

Ponytail bump

Voluminous pony tail with head band, and tease hair, color! I need some long hair so I can do cute things like this too!


Really pretty color. Wish my hair would curl like this without frizzing:(

.love it.. color to length to the wave .. love all of it

Master the "sock bun," the "headband technique, the "beard" and the "paper bag curl" for perfect curls overnight. I used to do the "paper bag" method when I was little, but with strips of cloth. The European chick in that video is hilarious!

long brown hair, perfect! :) i wish i could get mine to curl like this

hair: Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbsp of olive oil, dilute the mixture by adding a cup of water, and then slowly and thoroughly massage this mask into your scalp. Give your hair and scalp 15 to 20 minutes to absorb all the needed nutrients and then rinse off.

loooove this color

Great short hair style "messy" bun tutorial A few great tutorials for how to do sock and ballerina buns. Great new long hair style ideas Hai.

how to really curl your hair.- I actually did this and I looked like a lion. I'm not kidding.

Friggin Awesome Hair Curling Tips!Easiest hair curling trick ever!It worked on me so well!

two french braids and a side pony-cja

two french braids and a side pony. The way to do it is, French braid your bangs and hair from the front and pin in back. Then French braid the back of your hair and then join them together leaving you a nice side pony

30 cabelos penteados com cachos soltos e dicas e cuidados essenciais para manter e fazer o cabelo perfeito! #cachossoltos #penteadosimples #salaovirtual

TOP 30 Cachos Soltos: Penteados, Fotos, Dicas, Vídeo!

I really want to learn how to do a waterfall braid. They look so pretty, especially when you curl your hair.

Top 10 Hairstyles - Hair Trends For 2012

10 Fabulous Hairstyles I Need To Try

Pinner: This is a French twist. I love it and it is soooo easy to do. It just like a French braid, only you only use two pieces of hair, and(in my opinion) is waaayyyy easier