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Estabilizador de Tornozelo Direito BR7-01 Grande - Brig | Boa Shop
30 truques para usar em acampamentos e mochilões

30 truques para usar em acampamentos e mochilões

Designed to be snapped on to your trekking shoes when you need every bit of traction you can get, the Yaktrax Summit looks bold, rugged, and like it can do the job. The Summit straps to any shoe (you buy it according to your shoe size), and secures itself tightly. The chains provide traction, but not as much as the 3/8” curved sawtooth stainless steel spikes that dig right into the ice or snow, making sure you’ll never lose grip. BUY NOW!
Star Trek Galaxy Converse Chuck Taylors. Yes, Please.
Surviving Originals. Left-to-Right ~ Sulu, Uhrua, Spock, Checkov, Kirk
I like birds as they sing and fly. Every morning I wake up to their twittering.  These bookmarks are made by hand from 18 gauge soft silver plated wire. Before carefully formatting I roll them to get a right firmness. I don’t use any patterns, so all of my creations are unique.  Take a look at my sales and if you have a request just send a message and I’ll make it ! Also, if you have any questions ask them before buying. Please dont hesitate to contact me.

Bird - wire bookmark

Elephant trekking holidays - right or wrong? - Responsibletravel.com
Give caption to the below picture..!!  Picture Taken from the base-camp. Mt. Kanchenjunga could be at the highest point at right most corner of the range.   www.naturewalkers.in  #naturewalkers #trekking #mountain #travel #outdoor #challenge #feelalive #naturelove #explore #wanderer #wanderlust  #incredibleindia #india #travellove #bangalore #trekkers #trek #adventure #explorers #kanchenjunga