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"today, you can all kiss my…" | Josef Gelernter | 500px

Gibbon Monkey Showing Off. "Kiss This!" And some people say that animals have no emotions or feelings.

Helping out a hungry family; love how the baby is giving him a hug buzzlittleone

Man helping out a hungry Polar Bear family; love how the baby is giving him a hug


I love this Duck & this picture! Curious Duck Photograph by Tilly Meijer, My Shot Just a funny duck. I made this picture with my lens.

This is my mom...is mine too !! Precious polar bears.

Some of these images are my own, the others display a beauty that I want to share and I have credited the artist where I could. If I have posted your photo without proper credits, please contact me.


a brown bear mother will die for her cubs. brown bears have one to four cubs.

Ha Ha Ha and then he said...

Funny animal pictures with captions. 42 funny animal pictures of animals behaving and looking funny.

Who would not spare, the young, the sleep 'he' needs? Would you remove the-part of your body which 'he' uses as a pillow, and waking 'him' at the same time? Regrettably, there are the Sadistic, especially in Family Law cases, who would spare the young absolutely nothing, not even a time to have sleep when 'he' needs.

Big Mama Cat with a Big Paw, the perfect place for her Cub to rest her head for a Cub Nap. More cute baby animal pictures at source.


Just a happy koala bear, that is all. That Koala is high as hell from the Eculyptus leaves it ate!

La natura in autunno

autumn scene - I saw a scene near our neighborhood once where more than 10 male deer were all gathered in a field in autumn. Why do the deer do that?