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✩ Keep Calm and Choose One

This was always one of the hardest parts of the game. - Keep Calm and Choose a pokemon

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Dragon Pokemon by DragonlordRynn

Dragon Pokemon by DragonlordRynn though straight up those non probated hands are freaking disgusting don't draw that shit it's bad

Origami pickachu (in other language)

I'm sorry but I'm going to try this! The fact that this is from is troubling me, but I freaking adore pikachu.I'm going to memorize this and make Pokemon for every kid I meet! Craft Ideas,Crafts,DIY,DIY Craft I

Airasmol Poke by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Been away for quite awhile now b/c of the move, but now I'm done and ready to start uploading again! Airalin and company are also moving!

Things you don't notice about Pokemon...how do they fit in the pokeballs? Poor Pikachu lol

Things About Pokemon You Never Noticed As A Kid

Things About Pokemon You Never Noticed As A Kid<<How do the pokemon fit into the poka-balls?

Avengers x Pokemon

The Avengers x Pokemon

Tony Stark - Metagross Captain America - Braviary Hawkeye - Pidgeot Agent Colson - Victini Thor - Raichu Loki - Gengar Bruce Banner/Hulk - Reuniclus Black Widow - Vulpix Director Fury - Garchomp avengers had pokemon.

Ask Airalin Q41 by RakkuGuy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Adorkable~ Continuation of Airalin used Attract You may remember that book from Book Smarts Hope you like it! ^^ For more frequent updates please support me on Patreon"

If Pokemon Were Superheroes

"If Pokémon were superheroes" Disregard franchise differences in the name of Pokemon! <-- I'm not even educated in the ways of Pokemon but that description. <----- You need Pokemans in ur life.

Ask Airalin Q13-15 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

Ask Airalin by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt. Funny thing is, the first image says "Sir Knight", whereas the Japanese name for Gardevoir is "Sirknight". That can't be a coincidence.

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums I've seen. ( by Simon Gangl )

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums. mime is the stuff of nightmares! ( by Simon Gangl…

Dorkly's Video Game Companies As Your Friends  | This is GREAT!!!

Funny pictures about Gamer Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Gamer Friends. Also, Gamer Friends.