bridal shower cake

Three tier white and green beach wedding cake, decorated with white sea shells and scroll work. And a seashell wedding cake topper.

Awesome beach wedding cake! with cute seahorses :)

with cute seahorses :) I am sooo lucky and grateful to have a cousin-n-law that can make and rock these types of cakes!

Gorgeous Ombre First Birthday {Under the Sea}

Gorgeous Ombre First Birthday {Under the Sea

Gorgeous Ombre First Birthday {Under the Sea}… did you see that cake! Marinold Cakes is an absolute genius.

nice beach wedding cakes 10 best photos

beach wedding cakes 10 best photos

My first ever three tiered cake and my first ever fully airbrushed cake – I can’t tell you how scared I was about this cake! The amazing toppers were supplied by the bride and groom. Shells and beading made using moulds, coral freehand piped with.

Beach wedding cake or little mermaid cake

Love ITT, except put the little mermaid colors and the characters to make it look more baby shower ❤

10580094_877031775670738_1631528086383301805_n.jpg (640×960)

(Inspiration) This is a fun wedding cake design! 4 tiers, 2 simple with fondant bows and 2 tiers absolutely covered in a rainbow of sprinkles! We've also done something similar before - great for a modern wedding theme.

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Wedding Cakes Water cake!

Great idea for a beach themed cake - add "sand" and "beach toys." Or maybe the base for a Spongebob cake!

Gorgeous green wedding cake inspiration on

10 Gorgeous Green Wedding Cakes

Perfect for all you green lovers and for anyone searching for the perfect cake, we& picked out some gorgeous green wedding cakes to inspire you for your big day.

Blue is an amazing color, suitable for many occasions and I think that every person can find a shade of blue according his or her taste. It’s a traditional color of water and, of course, the most often chosen one for a beach or seaside wedding.