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When the sun goes down, night brings a new and exciting challenge for photographers. This post showcase 22 Impressive examples of dark photography which can

Storm Clouds

I know it sound crazy but I would love to go Tornado hunting one day ( on the Bucket List). /So pretty, looking from a distance, love this picture, hey, I'd love to go storm chasing myself EL.

Ejemplo de INDICE (llover)

We breathe in, and accept all that is new. We breathe out, and release all that has passed" ~ Sara Wiseman ~

✮ Lake Logan Storm

Lake Logan Storm Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Roman Wilshanetsky

Storms came in over the lake and I set up and got my only shot of the night.

Lightning teams up with raindrops to help transform the air into fertilizer

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Suspended in dusk 2... by Alcove

Warped Landscape Photography - There is little information on photographer Adam Andrearezyk, except that his work can be found under the pseudonym Alcove on his deviantart profil.

Nov. 17 storms in Indiana

17 storms in Indiana - Viewer submitted photos from the Nov. 17 storms in Indiana.

rain falling from a summer thunderstorm backlit by lightning, stars are visible in the night sky above the storm, and the canyon is lit by a nearly full moon, Grand Canyon National Park, summer photo copyright by Adam Schallau

Looks asif it would be warm

External Photo Inspiration – Beautiful Pictures by Gehoersturz

Train Cemetery "Cling to the Father and His Holy Name, And don't go ridin' on that Long Black Train" lyrics from Josh Turner song + Antique + Rust