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Fibonacci, Nautilus Shells, and Photography

Crop w golden proportion: Open an image with Photoshop or Lightroom. Choose the Crop tool. Press the O key to cycle through the crop methods. Press Cmd+O (Ctrl+O) to rotate the asymmetrical options. Crop as desired using the Golden Spiral as a guide.


Composition Exercise: Frame Within a Frame

feathers, freesia & fishing tackle: The Camera LOVES Ya Baby!

Aperture Tips: Large aperture (remember it’s a smaller number) will decrease depth of field while small aperture (larger numbers) will give you larger depth of field. [Small # = smaller depth of field]

daily perfect moment: DIY Creating photo backgrounds

For my actual project, I created a background with three different layers of acrylic paint to get the used look.

Bluebell photography: when, where and how to take your most creative pictures ever

Kodak reveals new cameras and apps

The time for bluebell photography is just around the corner. In this tutorial we explain when to take pictures of bluebells, where to find them and how to set up your camera for the best results.

creative triangle 02.jpg

Introducing the Creative Triangle

3 Ways to Improve Your Images With Composition #photography #phototips http://digital-photography-school.com/3-ways-to-improve-your-images-with-composition/

3 Ways to Improve Your Images With Composition

Along with lighting, subject, perspective, composition is one of the fundamental tools to creating better images. It’s one of the easier ones to begin applying to your own photography as well. Here are a few tips on improving your composition,

Better photo tips: 60 of the most amazing, surprising, incredible bits of photography advice you’ll ever read

10 photo tips for Tim Cook after his Super Bowl disaster

10 composition mistakes-Do your images often look slightly off? We’ll help steer you right by avoiding these ten common composition mistakes and so you can start taking better photographs.

photo by Moose Peterson of two biplanes in flight for article on photographing airshows

How to take great photographs of the airplanes in flight and on the ground at airshows. Pro photographer Moose Peterson gives you the tips you need to make great photos of airplanes.

Camera Showdown is a new way to compare cameras by pictures taken rather than by camera features or specs  http://www.camerashowdown.com

Camera Showdown: Compare Cameras Based on Real Life Performance

Wildlife photography made easy: simple techniques for pro-quality pictures | Digital Camera World

iPhone 6S camera tested in depth

Wildlife photography requires patience and finely tuned approach. These simple wildlife photography techniques will ensure you never miss a shot.

Technique Thursday: negative space - Inspiring Family & Child ...

Technique Thursday: negative space

Using negative space to draw a viewer’s eye to the subject in your image can be a very powerful tool.

awesome 40+ Beautiful Night Sky Photography Ideas

Learn techniques and tips to capturing great photos of the night sky from photographers Deborah Sandidge, Diana Robinson and Pete Saloutos.