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Monty Python & the HoLy GraiL

Inspired by 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' this ruthless killer rabbit hops through the scene after his latest victim.

Equestrian Bit Chain Belt $59.50

Helped a reader today with emergency outfit assistance for attending a polo match. In a pinch, this belt & a hat.

Appaloosa Art porcelain assemblage necklace by freerangeart, $65 - maybe make with the carved wooden animals.

Appaloosa Art porcelain assemblage necklace by freerangeart

Love this James Veale Horse necklace, from Hiho Silver

Welcome to Horse and Life Boutique, an equestrian-lifestyle store that specialises in stylish, affordable clothes for horse and rider.

René Lalique.  Carved opal horse head.  Gold harness and diamond mane.  Unique and fancy!

Breathtaking 1960 Horse Head Australian Opal Diamond 14 K Yellow Gold Brooch Pendant.

Horse leg necklace - County Equestrian Jewellers

Silver or gold horse leg pendant with hoof and frog detail matching horse leg equestrian jewellery available