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Propaganda, a ALMA do negócio

Du Pont Cellophane Ad When you can't count on your children to 'play' with plastic bags on their own.

A picture of can designs for popular soda brands over the past few decades.

Funny pictures about Soda Can Design Evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Soda Can Design Evolution. Also, Soda Can Design Evolution photos.


Old Vintage AD Beautiful but dumb, she has never learned the first rule of lasting charm a long-lasting deodorant, ODO-Ro-Do

No Flies on me thanks to DDT!

Can you believe we were sold this stuff to spray flies etc; It's poison! And today we're sold Round-Up to get rid of weeds. Another poison!

Drink Coca-Cola -- it cures headaches and relieves exhaustion.

Coca-Cola advertising 1886 – 1899 This was when coke had 'coke' in it. It was a cure all back then

Seriously Disturbing Vintage Advertisements • Page 38 of 131 • FRANK151

"For young or old, candy provides quick energy. Buy some next time you shop. Candy is delicious energy food - Enjoy some every day! KIDS NEED THE ENERGY CANDY GIVES. Here's why smart mothers buy candy in cellophane.

1939 Chemcraft Chemistry Kit

I had a chemistry set when I was about 11 or Great fun, turning water to "wine" and such.

Vintage ad: Scotch Tape for trimming bangs! Should I try this on the kids' hair? Lol

21 Beauty Regrets That Happen To The Best Of Us

fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.

19 Vintage Ads You'll Be Shocked By

Del Monte Ketchup You Mean a Woman can open it most sexist advertising extremely sexism sexist print ads of the Housewives chauvinism chauvinistic advertisements mad men don worst funny draper

hahaha classic!

Spread your legs! :-D Vintage ad for the Pontiac Star Chief- Every parents dream!

1950's newspaper clipping Should Women be Spanked? Yeah I would like to see what would happen to these men if they printed this in tomorrows paper!

Remember this when you hear people talk abut the good old days. Should A Woman Be Spanked? It was not a sexual question. Asked of four Brooklyn men by the now defunct “New York Daily Mirror.” Looks like late

Weimer Pursell: "When You Ride Alone You Ride With Hitler!"  (1943) -- Conserve gasoline by carpooling!

WWII ad - This is an old ad during WWII which encouraged carpooling. First, there is a black and white fallacy, essentially saying you are either in support of the US or you are not. Basically, support the US and carpool, or join Hitler.

Well, yeah, don’t caress his ear hairs. | 10 Dating Tips For Single Women (From The 1930s)

10 Dating Tips For Single Women (From The 1930s)

13 Hilarious And Sexist Dating Tips From 1938 - "Don't be familiar with your escort by caressing him in public. Any open show of affection is in bad taste, usually embarrasses or humiliates him.

And you beat those troublesome headaches and bouts of mental exhaustion with a nice glass of Coca-Cola.

Things 1890s Girls Know To Be True

Vintage Coca-Cola Calendar Advertising Coke, the Ideal Brain Tonic! It is true, though. I mean, the curing the headache part.