He has served countless kings, faked countless deaths, bided his time, waiting for you.

He has served countless kings, faked countless deaths, bided his time, waiting for you. This is an incredible line for a prompt.

Writing Prompt

"You fool, you tought you use the shadows to harm me?" she laught "The shadows betray you because the serve me," leaning close to look him right into his bloody red eye she whispered "I am the darkness, honey, and now you'll be one of my shadows" ~Mab~

Billy joined them to save Alice but was brought to dark side and turned against her

What I did to save you.

Don't pretend like you're strong. You wouldn't have taken another breath if it weren't for my sacrifice. My înlocui cu Father his sacrifice. DIALOGUE between ophelia and Copper

Usually marks wouldn't get the time to ask him...

I think the first person speaking should have the second person tied up and is interrogating them

"We were the heros of the Empire, but I betrayed them to save it, and now, 3000 years in hyperspace we are the empire's legacy, centuries after being slandered."-Nyekstim

"Now everyone thinks we were nothing but a bunch of crazy eccentrics trying to stop the world from ending. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what the entire world's become. We're all just trying to survive.

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Chris tells this to her men all the time. "Don't go out there trying to be a hero,heros never live long.

He offered me a gun, but I refused. After all, you don't need a weapon when you were born one - Blaise

"Anyone can wield a weapon of wood, steel, or carven stone," His green eyes swept over to her in a smooth, steady glance. "But it is rare indeed for one to wield his own greatest weapon.



Mel about Namie

I'm trying to decide right now whether izzy ends the war in his last moment, or Dayln in her rage when she finds his broken body


writing prompt - Earth is actually an animal sanctuary designed specifically to preserve a critically endangered species: Humans. Today the first reintroduction of Earth bred humans back into the wild will take place.