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The four horsemen of the apocalypse, re-imagined as vigilantes in a post-apocalyptic setting

The four horsemen of the apocalypse, re-imagined as vigilantes in a post-apocalyptic setting writing prompt

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*camera zooms out to reveal the celestial tourism bumper stickers on the back of fighter pilot's ship*

Arranged marriages are rarely happy ones

As each day passed.

Arranged marriages are rarely happy ones << not true. Normal marriages only have a chance of staying together, and who says those ones are happy? People learn to love each other in arranged marriages.

zombieprotector He might love the teenage kid of this Family Be a friend of the family  Or is reminded of his own family

Zombie protector.

The little girl whispered it barely audiable. He looked at her for a minute before turning away and walking, more like hobblng into the Bush.

Never come back.

Never come back.

Gwen knew she was different from the other desertfolk. But she never imagined that anything would come of that difference.

Writing Prompt -- There was something silent walking through town and it left flaming footprints in its wake.

Footprints in its wake.

I glanced at the burning pavement with fear, for the fire within the footprints match the fire in my hands. This silent creature might be as strong, or as regretful as I. I glared in anger as I stormed off from the scene.

Maybe forget the love story so this doesn't end up like a cheap knockoff of an already cheap series. If you avoid that, this could be pretty darn amazing.

Vampires rule.

Writing Prompt -- Vampires rule the world but legends exist of creatures called "humans" that only come out during the day. One vampire finds herself falling in love with a human.

Demons start to summon humans to get food, maybe stock up on them for an upcoming catastrophe? Like the current King of Hell decided to breed humans so they won't run out of souls... OR demons want to overthrow Satan, and need the humans for that - I mean we are kind of good at destroying, and they could summon soldiers, scientists by name... Or they could have decided to educate our race, because our conceptions of demons is awful and incorrect and HURTFUL. *sobs in demonic*

"You're a bit of a hot commodity right now, love. Everyone is trying to get their hands on you." Or if someone tried to summon John. And got every John in an x-mile radius