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Bem, aqui estamos novamente, é sempre um prazer, lembra quando eu tentei matá-lo duas vezes? Oh como nós rimos e rimos, só que eu não estava rindo, sob as circunstâncias você foi surpreendentemente agradável

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Undertale Chara and Frisk it's canon fight me

Undertale Chara and Frisk<<<<<This is what I REALLY believe Chara is like canonically, not the crazy demon child they're made out to be by like of the fandom

Undertale: CONTROL by Kutori:

Everyone is quick to blame Chara or Frisk for the genocide, but its actually the player. And there are quite a few moments where the characters in the game talk to the player, not frisk or chara. Also I thought Frisk was dabbing 🤢

impossibru, huehuehue, Undertale, Papyrus, Sans:

impossibru, huehuehue, Undertale, Papyrus, Sans<<My feels are so bad with this. That is definitely correct English.