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Pretty much for all the girls or guys who love sexy boys with nostril piercings & or septums!

The perfect amount of facial hair, messy hair, gauges and a bridge piercing. maaaahhhhh

There are a couple piercings that I think "I will never like that" and one is the bridge piercing. Then I will see someone totally pull off a piercing I said I'd never like. This guys TOTALLY pulls off the bridge piercing.

beardedlust:  msandells:  can you guys tell that my hair is turning white? i’m becoming an old man.  a beautiful old man

gross, dude, just gross. my least favorite thing, besides curly mustaches, is when guys with piercings hide them in beards. guys with piercings are hot but like ALL of them have beards now.

A sua joia perfeita, com certeza, está localizada entre as imagens a seguir

Vai furar o nariz? Antes, dê uma olhada nessas ideias incríveis

A sua joia perfeita, com certeza, está localizada entre as imagens a seguir

Anna April

dreads and bodymods. Ugh I might have to dread my hair if I ever get the chance

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It is important to understand why face tattoos for men are a good choice and what their dangers could be before getting one.

behind the ear tattoo...a little large, but very cute! I want something super small

Sailors used to get a sparrow tattoo for every nautical miles they traveled. Sparrows were also believed to bring a sailor good luck