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Definitely a Kodak moment

We call them Deer Trees, old orchard or wild apple trees that have persistant fruit. In the early winter deer flock to these to supplement their diet before the hard winter sets in. We even help our friends, the deer.

Everybody knows that Stumbleupon is an great source for beautiful photography, nature, pets, arts and much more. They have millions of users and they are

I'm always drawn to light rays through the clouds and trees. This is the best sun-ray picture I've ever seen.

Girlfriend Getaway Weekend Itinerary In Napa Valley

Girlfriend Getaway Weekend itinerary in Napa Valley. Smith girl road trip to Cali!

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The concept of the Lampbrella is as romantic as getting wet in the rains with your partner. The design incorporates a rain and motion sensor into

Pendik, Istanbul

Pendik, Istanbul

I use to pick blackberries and bring them home. We would make a cobbler with them.

Decor of pole in tent.

chuppah flowers in a tighter design with some moss and willow accents and blossoms incorporated

@moonlightice's photo: "Sunset today"

@moonlightice's photo: "Sunset today"