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How I think I look while reading a book lol ;) just kidding!

Pride and Prejudice-- giggling when your book boyfriend says something cute

Pride & Prejudice (2005), The Bennetts

“ “But my interest lies in the family dynamic and, after all, people don’t read and enjoy Jane Austen for the historical overview. I’ve got three sisters, so I know what it is like being with lots of.

Pride and prejudice

Jane Bennet (Rosamund Pike): "Oh, Lizzy, if I could but see you happy." Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley): "Perhaps Mr. Collins has a cousin." - Pride & Prejudice directed by Joe Wright.

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Bennet became one of the best fictional dads to me. He just wants Lizzy to be happy forever and it's precious!

orgulho e preconceito

my absolute favorite part is when Mr. Darcy helps Lizzie into the carriage!

I just imagine him adding in his head.  "I was going to walk WITH you, Lizzy,"

Pride & Prejudice- I love how at the beginning of the movie Mr. Darcy rides everywhere. But after falling in love with Lizzy he slowly transitions to where he walks as much as she does.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

"Accomplished" women.

Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen): Are you so severe on your own sex? Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley): I never saw such a woman. She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold. Bingley: *giggles and points* - Pride & Prejudice

“But above all, above respect and esteem, there was a motive within her of goodwill which could not be overlooked. It was gratitude; gratitude, not merely for having once loved her, but for loving her still well enough to forgive all the petulance and acrimony of her manner in rejecting him, and all the unjust accusations accompanying her rejection.”  (“Pride and prejudice”, Chapter 44)

I love this Pride & Prejudice moment! It's one of the first time he genuinely smiles at Elizabeth.