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Typeverything.com - by Joshua Noom.

Rabbit Heart by Florence + The Machine "I must become a lion-hearted girl.

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Super series of illustrations entitled Bear Concepts by Therese Larsson aka SIlly Beast Illustration from Stockholm, Sweden.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/115635534/bear-signed-a3-print

I want to get a bear tattoo. But it’s hard to find a drawing that captures what I associate with it. This one’s nice, but I can imagine it would be quite hard to tattoo. (via Bear // Graphite Stretched Canvas by Sandra Dieckmann

Poster: "the winner" by Bsolti

The winner panda box boxing happy black and white blue art print poster banner art illustration sport animal

Ann Pajuväli.

loveyourchaos: razorbladesalvations:executions: The bear can’t bear by Ann

он говорит, что может услышать шёпот леса. а я только могу слышать его большое сердце.

Bear Print Bear and Girl Illustration Whimsical fairytale storybook art print Wall

For the 135th anniversary, Ursus announced its partnership with WWF, in which the brand took upon it self to raise awareness on the importance of the Carpathian Brown Bear.Thus the brand started supporting a bear cubs rehabilitation center by donating a …

the bears on Behance. Great practice for trying new styles of drawing on the same character