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In my studio, working at my desk. This pic is in the latest @lofficielau - It was taken when I was at the final stages of finishing my latest book: COCO CHANEL

megan hess

The fourth illustration from my new LACE print Collection. This print is titled: LACE CHANEL...In Paris and everyone is dressed in lace, even the Chanel awning! Available in Limited Edition from MEGANHESS.COM

She liked her coffee just like her fashion.....LONG & BLACK!

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Monday Coffee in Tiffany Blue! By Megan Hess.

Imagem de pastel, pink, and dior

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“Just how all Saturday's should be! Taken from my ITALIAN RIVIERA Silk Scarf.”

Home-Styling: Megan Hess Artwork - A arte de Megan Hess

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