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Official Akiane Kramarik Paintings including Prince of Peace, The Heaven Is For Real Face of Jesus - Shop world's largest selection now.

Painting by Akiane Kramarik Jesus | Mother's Love, Akiane Kramarik. The artist's words: "I painted Mary in ...

From images of baby Jesus to the resurrection painting of Christ, child prodigy artist Akiane Kramarik paintings show 7 Jesus pictures seen in visions from God

Akiane Kramarik, FAITH, Age 9 (2004)

In This Fateful Hour By: Susan Deborah Schiller Prayer by: Madeleine L'Engle Painting by: Akiane Poem by: Danielle Bednarcik In this fateful hour – a time when the earth is covered with darkness – corruption in every level of society, can

Father forgive them by Akiane Kramarik by ArtistsitraMan279 on DeviantArt

A painting done by Akiane Kramarik named Father Forgive Them, that I edited to add a background resembling heaven and hell. Jesus resembles the br. Father forgive them by Akiane Kramarik

akiane kramarik

Author: Akiane Kramarik Title: Interdependence This pin shows interdependence, by giving the viewer a sense of surrealism and showing how a bunch of things can come together to form one single artwork.

Painted by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik This relates to interdependence because it shows a person holding out their hand to nature. It shows a person connecting with nature.