Gravity Falls

All the gravity falls characters

~ same sky, separate souls ~:

Nice matches

GF characters, summed up in textposts.

The author of the journals by markmak on DeviantArt~ Poor Stanley :(

I almost cried when I saw this part poor stanley

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No pain at all by markmak on DeviantArt > XD

Lessons to learn! Today Father's Day and I have to say the sentence of "Family is bound by love, not blood"

Some of The Things Gravity Falls Taught Me! This deserves endless likes

Mabel Pines,Dipper Pines,Waddles,Stanford Pines,Stanley Pines

Pines Twins - Collab by on DeviantArt

Gravity Falls guys

Gravity Falls guys

Aw the feels guys, its real.

Man I love this show

Some awesome GF fanart!

Gravity Falls

gravity falls mabel and diper

Oh my gosh rasberries!!!! I am laughing so hard I'm crying!!!!! Totally didn't expect that!!!!

Trust me: if you have to, scroll to the bottom first and then read the rest of the story XD HILARIOUS<<<< I hate all the pinecest but lol

limey404: the best part is that i didn’t even realize that i’d totally forgotten about thompson until i was already finished with the lines and by that point it was just like eh… if it’s gotta be somebody… sorry thompson i was gonna add him in the back holding up his friendship cake crying but decided it would kill the good vibes haha

Woodstick Festival Peeps Art by

How does she a-FORD all her yarn?!

How does she a-FORD all her yarn?!

Yas Mabel!

I Just love it when Mabel Yells "Grappling Hook"!

Brother- Might Oaks. Art by Caramelkeks.

Art by Caramelkeks.<<<ahhhhhh finally made this

The anime gang

I miss Gravity Falls but luckily new episodes start February the hiatus is almost over yes. All Characters (c) Alex Hirsch/Disney .:Over at Gravity Falls:.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PINESEST

Trust me I'm HATE pinecest but I love this comic with out the kiss --> Okay, I get incest is bad and all, but this comic is so cute and funny xD