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His eyes, they are so innocent, like a fawn.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how perfect this man is? Tom Hiddleston as Loki

The words used are the title of a fanfic manuscript that I’m working on.

That scene was so sad! His crying face almost made you cry

Odin: "you're my son, I only wanted to protect you." Loki: "why, because I'm the monster parents tell their children about at night?" ((Yet another moment I wanted to hug Loki and punch Odin in the face.

Thor: The Dark World // Loki - "Oh, man...."

Loki ((Winter means long, *long* nights in a truck for me…and playing with this guy’s face is the best therapy for my rapidly escalating winter blues.


lots O' Loki/Marvel/Tom Hiddleston/Seb Stan, Chris Evans & Hemsworth, cats.And Tom Hiddleston still hasnt changed his pants


5 geniales escenas de Loki que mejoran las películas de Marvel

Catharsis, Inc.

Loki smilecrying----I didn't notice it before, but he is about to cry!