The EPIC collection of custom vinyl toys by a very serious collector, Eduardo Olegario aka vinyltoyz on flickr.  (Check out his gallery.)

The EPIC Custom Collection Of vinyltoyz

By far one of the sickest custom collections in the art toy world, KR Forums member vinyltoyz has amassed a display that most can only dream of.

Skelanimal Qee by Lunabee - Series 1

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Our vinyl collection that my husband @Mark Gregerson and I collect.

Our vinyl collection that my husband Van Der Voort Gregerson and I collect.

@dragatomi's photo: "Six more days... #postapocalypse  @huckgee"

@dragatomi's photo: "Six more days... #postapocalypse @huckgee"


The fine folks at Funko are building a bobblehead empire so vast that it is almost threatening.

Check out the "Black Dallas Exclusive Rebel Ink from Usugrow and Secret Base . Cast in what appears to be opaque gray/black, the new edition.



Exclusive Unpainted Pink Wooper Looper

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Unpainted Pink Wooper Looper Vinyl Figure by Gary Ham