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Nero @GabrielEsberard

Nero @GabrielEsberard

Dog Owners

Being a dog owner looks hilarious! That puppy family photo is adorable!

Could this be the answer to world peace? Haha ;)

THIS is an AMAZING idea, don't you think? Holy crap, and so easy to implement! Love these hardworking dogs 💟

Why dose everybody want to ban pits they are so sweet and gorgeous and majestic pits are not meant for fighting but stupid idiots out there r beating and forcing them to fight is not there fault it's the humans fault so why not lock the human up that dose this to them

Pitt Bull a. "Nanny Dogs" This sweet Pit with their baby human. Sure, this viscous breed should be banned while the people who abuse them walk free. That makes sense.

Funny Saying 31 pictures | Humor24.biz

My Buster Brown, so bully headed! He is the family clown, always getting into trouble, love my boy! ♡♡♡Funny Saying 31 pictures

That face is priceless. Great info in the detailed section.

Keep Your German Shepherd In Great Shape

Your German Shepherd should be exercised with hip and joint health in mind. These exercises that are safe for your GSD to do.

Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions - 28 Pics

Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions – 28 Pics. *This would be the most awesome way to get a dog as a gift!