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Step 2 is done up next clear coat. #3dprinting #lightsaber #starwars by theacheyninja777

Math Coachs Corner: Movin With...Geometry. With music playing in the background, students moved from picture to picture, counting and recording the number of edges, faces, and vertices for each figure in their math journals. After students had completed the "gallery walk" they came back together to discuss their observations about the different shapes and look for connections and patterns. Talk about engagement!

Polygon Capture Game (properties of triangles and quadrilaterals)

Some great math foldables

Math Coachs Corner: Equivalent Fractions: Understanding the Process. Let's take a look at how we can incorporate both concrete (hands on) and representational (pictorial) activities to build understanding of the abstract process.

Geometry - free printables, websites, and interactive programs. Area and perimeter, tangrams, congruence, circle explorations, polygon classifying, angles, geoboard ideas, etc.

Sorting Angles cooperative learning activity cards - students cut out cards and sort them into 3 categories

Quadrilateral cut and paste.pdf - Google Drive

Math Coach's Corner: Identifying Geometric Attributes

Decimal Place Value Mats

Classroom Freebies Too: Decimal Place Value Mats