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Starry Night Mocha Latte ~ Coffee House Series ~ by Dana Marie Kitsch Art gallery

10 Things That Truly Passionate People Do Differently

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Not what I expected.. Where's the return it line?!! lol

"When I was a kid I wanted to grow old. This shit is not what I expected." growing up, childhood, quote, Isn't that the truth!

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Definitley want to use Bengali writing for the tattoo on my back/side near my arm! Bengali- bhetorer shanti - inner peace if i ever get a tatoo

Life isn't about avoiding risks

"Life isn't about avoiding risks, its about making calculations & Going all in with the things you love" .that's what made our life more colourful isn't ?

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This is a great quote by Ronald Reagan that would be awesome to put up in the classroom. It would be inspirational for students as well as being a way to talk about Ronald Reagan.

Celebrate the little things

You know those moments where you are just going about your day and quietly, subconsciously, you realise how you have more than you need. How incredibly good you have it, even if you don't always.

hahhahahaaha, but word. .

53 Most Amazing Quotes about Life and Love with Images

Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you.- ha awesome quote :) I totally feel like that