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.Kind of eerie beautiful.

Autumn mist falls into place, creeping down leaves, and along the lane, marking the turns to adventure

Autumn road via Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

I rode my bike on a path just like this and it's beauty brought me to tears.

Let's walk ....

Let's walk ....

Ljubljana in the fog by liquidawn

Ljubljana in the fog by liquidawn. The entire Slovene side of my family came from the Ljubljana area--the same place Laibach is from!

I slice oranges in the kitchen.  The countertop worn, notched  with the story of the knife.    I’ve been reading Ovid’s “The Cure for Love.”  You circle my waist with your arms —  kiss the back of my neck.  I remember who we were —  the girl and boy on the front porch  cooling our heels on our way  to the grave.  We believed we could make something  in the dark.

dreamscape- the mist in this photo really captures the haze and looseness of being in a dream , the idea of using perspective to define colours , bringing the darker tones forward and leaveing the ligther ones almost blurred in the back ground

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North tower revealed, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA (by Tyler Westcott). So beautiful, this is how I remember the view from my friends house high up in the hills of San Francisco ❤

Autumn.... I can feel it coming.... Yippee!!!  I took this photo last year..

Autumn.... I can feel it coming.... Yippee!!! I took this photo last year..

26 years old ✢ Happily married ✢ All things fall season, rainy days, night skies & witchy vibes ✢.