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Veteran photog Brian Bielmann's most iconic images from four decades on the Seven-Mile Miracle

Underwater surfing turbulence. Photo by Brian Bielmann

Photo Gallery: veteran surf photographer Brian Bielmann looks back at his most iconic images from the Teahupoo.

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shark-wave - ok, my single biggest fear above the creapers in Cali...a shark in the wave while body surfing.  Still shutter!!!  YIKES!

Wild animals picture of surfing with dolphins in an amazing nature photo. This water sports pic is of naturally playful mammals in the ocean.

Foto:George Noronha

Foto:George Noronha


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Photographer: ©Brian Bielmann, NATURE CATEGORY FINALIST, 2012 World Open of Photography, Photo Description: I name all my photos that I sell as limited prints after song titles, This is called Breakin Glass after a David Bowie song on the album Low.


Photographer Dave Sandford of London, Ont., photographed the awesome natural power of Lake Erie during a four-week span in November.He calls this shot Lake Erie Monster.

Jaws - Peahi - Maui

today at around high Surf conditions at Jaws for the next 3 days Tonight, the waves at Jaws should be appr.

Foto:George Noronha

Foto:George Noronha