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my dear otp ⠀ Gruvia is definitely my favorite anime couple after IchiHime ♡ i can't explain how much I ship them two OMG ❤ ⠀

Juvia and Gray || Manga vs. Anime

Wow I love the anime but the manga has waaayy better art I also hate how the things are colored it looks weird

It's a book of my fav Gruvia pics!      Also I can't store no more on my phone lol so I'm putting them   Here.      Most of these...

Gruvia pictures!!! Also random anime pics at times.. - GRUVIA

It's a book of my fav Gruvia pics! It kinda looks like Wendy but it's not it's juvia

I Was Waiting On A Different Story by Inspired-Destiny

Sting x Yukino

¿Qué dice él título que es? Portada; @annsarai #46 en De Todo #42 e… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Instagram; Fairy Tail

Inspiring image art, boy, draw, fairytail, girl by - Resolution - Find the image to your taste