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She IS like the moon -part of her IS always hidden away. HE is also like the moon part of HIM is always hidden away.

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Quotes for ARIES. "SKY above me, EARTH below me, and FIRE within me." - Aries are the first fire sign in the Zodiac. They are headstrong, somewhat selfish, but always very giving. They definitely have a fiery personality!

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Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me - who has the fire within? We all have the sky above us and the earth below us, but we differ by the fire within us. What lights your fire? How big is your flame?


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soulthunderstorms: “ (via Inspire Me / “She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire” - Charles Bukowski…absolu…) ”


30 quotes to inspire travel in To me these words capture the true essence of traveling, escapism and adventure. Reading these travel quotes gives me butterflies.


Tattoo meaning that you carry the key to your own prison. because the only prison that can really hold you is your mind. So therefore you are also the only key.


It is a bird-flight of the soul, when the heart declares itself in song William Simms Quote Minimalist poster


broken infinity // nothing lasts forever. Infinity used to be my symbol.I'm now drawn to the ampersand. its my truth.

Let your tragedies shield you from more harm.

Great Advice Wear your tragedies as armor. Not shackles.: Wear your tragedies as armor. Not shackles.

La Luna, via Modern Hepburn

Full Moon La Luna Print Recovered Vintage Change to La Lune and make it a blue tattoo