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Preach it....of course, most of my brothers in geeky arms might say the same thing...LOL ~ #geeks #humor #geekgirls

Nerd girl, Whoever posted this originally over-looked the obvious: sleeping and eating are easy to give up until you finish a book. BUT those of us whose whole lives are dedicated to the written word already know the one

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem 279 - Everyone Thinks You're Weird For Having An In-Depth Zombie Survival Plan.

Nerd Girl Problems #250 this happened to me in 5th grade and I kept reading for like 15 minutes before the people around me noticed and told me.  :)

My coworkers/friends/family can attest to this. This is a very real nerd girl problem!<< I do this ALL the TIME!

Why I use my ereader for hardcover books (since I am impatient) and go buy soft cover books from the book store. Lol

Or because you already have the rest of the series in paperback and logic dictates there's no good reason to start buying hardbacks now. <-omg yes.

Even though I'm not there yet when every one was waiting for house of hades to come out I was waiting with them---Winter needs to come out from the Lunar Chronicals like now

Nerd Girl Problem 138 - The Madness You Experience When You're Waiting For The Next Book In Your Series To Come Out. Currently waiting for three!

Can never make it  on Saturday.

Nerd Girl Problem: the library has short weekend hours. (Also, "The library has short weekend hours and is closed by the time I wake up on a Saturday.

Nerd Girl Problem

*dear time bell goes* Me: *doesnt hear* Rest of class: *packs up and hurries away* Me: *gasps* I can't believe they killed off Dobby!

Eso mismo me paso cuando termine con Cincuenta sombras!!! buuuuu

Nerd Girl Problem # 182 The hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series.

Yeah, 'cause I can write a 40 page story no problem, and these people want them in under 5. You can barely have an exposition in 5 pages, let alone a developed story!!!!!

Nerd Girl Problem People think that your favorite character is Padme or Leia because they are girls. There's a hint there as to who is my favorite character).

not books? what?

Nerd Girl Problem: Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for their birthdays, because you're happy just with books.

Nerd Girl Problem

That's just a Nerd problem and they keeping going on how they are a hundred percent sure that he is in the MCU.

suggested by anonymous "Apparently the library has a limit to how many books you can check out at one time."

nerd girl problems--when they change the limit from the slightly low 99 books to the ridiculously low 50 books and you're the ONLY ONE upset.