One side note that  about doing flash-drive mods. You can use plain old fiberglass resin for attaching the drive into the sleeve, the resin drys clear, and if you leave a point on your sleeve open you can still see the led light on the flash drive. apply a good layer around those 4 solder joints just behind the USB adapter part, the drive will stand up to a heck of a lot more abuse if you do this

Steampunk Flashdrive - POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY - Am thinking a lot of you have probably seen flashdrives with polymer clay wrapped around them and wondered how they can do that?

OOAK Steampunk purple starfish necklace by CrumpledFantazies, €35.00

OOAK Steampunk purple starfish necklace, Industrial necklace, mecha starfish, vintage machine part necklace, polymer clay steampunk

TUTORIAL Steampunk Polymer Clay Pendant/Ornament by gaylebird

TUTORIAL: Steampunk Polymer Clay (Pendant/Ornament Instructions)

Polymer Clay Jewellery | Learn to Saint John

This is the second group of polymer clay pins, or brooches that I finished today. Included is a dragon eye pin with a watch face for an eye, earrings, metal leaf, glass gems and coral. I& post mo.

Steampunk & Cat

*POLYMER CLAY ~ Steampunk Silver Gray Tabby Cat Necklace Polymer Clay Jewelry Rather ambitious for me, just yet, but the future is wide open with hope and expectation!

Metallic Filigree Pendants by MandarinMoon, via Flickr

*POLYMER CLAY ~ Mandarin Moon (Metallic Filigree Pendants): Polymer clay on metal bezels. I added moss agate beads (possibly jasper), glass beads + attached a large amber glass bead dangling at the bottom of the pendant.