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Forgot your surf leash or wax? Find the Surf Bubble

A group of Portuguese designers and entrepreneurs has developed a new way of saving perfect surf sessions from ending in the parking lot. Get a surf leash and wax from The Surf Bubble, for one Euro, only.

Kite Boarding is on my whishes list!

All about kiteboarding. World’s largest kite forum for every level.

Wind Window

This is my new extreme sports compilation video (Supertramp Style) [HD] Freestyle/BMX/Snowboard/Motocross/Wingsuit/Longboard/Skateboard.

7 Tips To Lose 10 Pounds In 1 Month

Best Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat (Flatter Stomach)- Step by Step How to Guide

7 Tips to lose 10 Pounds in One Month. losing weight this fast can be scary, 10 pounds a month is pushing the limit, but more power to you if you can do it and keep your lean muscle mass. That is always my goal, skinny and flabby never is a good idea.

The best kitesurfing kites in the world

The best kitesurfing kites in the world offer safety and performance in all wind conditions. Slingshot, Liquid Force, Naish, Cabrinha, Flexifoil and Best Kiteboarding sell kites of all sizes for all needs and levels of experience.

The best trainer kites in the world

If you want to learn how to kiteboard, the trainer kite is always a smart investment. Experience the power of the wind, and the basics of kiteboarding with a good trainer kite.

I AM Buddy, The BUDDHA From Mississippi ™: Kiteboarding at Mutiny Beach Cottage Jamaica

Curious about how Kiteboarding started or who invented the first inflatable kite? Check out this summary of the History of Kiteboarding & Launch of a New Sport!

Look Inside the Patagonia Bowery Surf Shop In NYC   Photo

Patagonia Opens Bowery Surf Shop in NYC - Photos • Selectism

Look Inside the Patagonia Bowery Surf Shop In NYC - Selectism

Weekend Challenge: The Hump Straightener

Arm Exercises for Women: Get Sleek, Sexy Arms - Score beautifully toned arms with this muscle-shaping upper-body workout

Snow kite

Snow kite

How to take care of your windsurfing sails

Scratches, salt, sand, water and humidity can easily damage or destroy a good windsurfing sail. Learn how to protect your windsurfing sails to last longer.