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“I'm really bad about printing my photos, but I finally printed some iPhone shots. These are @inkifi. Who do you like for printing?” You can create your own on Inkifi - http://inkifi.com #prints #cool #instagram

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_foodstories_'s photo on Instagram Create your own - http://inkifi.com/create-prints/squares.html #prints #instagramprinting #instagram #inkifi

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“It's so nice to have tangible copies of my IG photos! So many tasty meal memories here thank you @inkifi” Create your own beautiful #prints with Inkifi - http://inkifi.com

joeyhdez23's photo on Instagram "Lately I've been trying to journal more and project my thoughts and feeling more on paper but it's been great cause I have been pairing the entries with a photo I've recently taken in the last year or so." Create your own on - http://inkifi.com #prints #journal #instagramprints

Academia,Mmmmm Café,Material De Café,Bebendo Café,Segunda-Feira De Manhã,Bom Dia,A Bonita,Coffee Feel,Coffee ︎︎︎︎︎ ︎

Inkifi gave me some prints of my favourite photos and memories. I am really glad for it. And @inkifi_instagram helps the world with their project because they print on environmentally sustainable materials. Also you can read my interview in their website!. #inkifi #momentspreserved

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