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Diamond Ridge Bracelet

Spiral Wrap Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet Tutorial, I bet my sister hasn't heard of this one!

Spiral Wrap Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet Tutorial, instructions and videos on hundreds of loom band designs. Shop online for all your looming supplies, delivery anywhere in SA.

How to Make a Double 'X' Bracelet

Rainbow Loom MICKEY MOUSE bracelet by Josh You Tube. Link is to the Christmas version which is an updated and more detailed version of this bracelet.

How to Make the Warrior Bracelet

Want to learn how to make Rainbow Loom Bracelets? We've found many rainbow loom instructions and patterns! We love making bracelets, creating and finding helpful loom tutorials.

Dream Rainbow Loom Bracelet Video Tutorial

(This is the hardest one I've done so far. I've made 3 that I missed ONE loop on (did it in the wrong sequence) and the whole thing fell apart. How to make a Rainbow Loom Dream Bracelet