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Mário Henrique Leiria - Exageros - Mário Viegas

cântico negro, JOSÉ RÉGIO (1901-69). He founded the magazine Presença, cornerstone of the second modernism movement in Portugal, of which he was the main ideologue. As a writer, José Régio was the author of novels, plays, poetry and essays. His works are hare strongly influenced by the theme of conflict between Man and God and between Individual and Society, in a critical analysis of solitude and human relations. As an essayer, he dedicated himself to the study of Camões and Florbela…

Alberto Caeiro - O Guardador de Rebanhos - Mário Viegas

Mário de Sá-Carneiro - Fim - António Abujamra

Mário Cesariny - You Are Welcome to Elsinore

louvor e simplificação de Álvaro de Campos, MÁRIO CESARINY DE VASCONCELOS (1923-2006). Is among the most important Portuguese surrealist poets, having published several major works. Was also a painter, but his work became more centered on poetry in the 1950s. He founded the Lisbon Surrealist Movement with other Portuguese artists. He adopted an attitude of constant experimenting in his work. This principle is the main characteristic of his work and has been present throughout his career.

Cesário Verde - O sentimento de um ocidental - Mário Viegas

tu estás aqui, RUY BELO (1933-1978). He treats impermanence, childhood, ocean, woman and death, all inextricably tied: ocean and woman embodying the infinite embrace sought by the poet who mourns the lost omnipotence of his infant imagination and the lostness of his rapidly passing life, ultimately embraced by death. Awareness of death, not merely as an end but as a gradual existential expropriation, runs through his poems, which attempt to confer transcendence on some of that life draining…

Mário de Sá Carneiro - Serradura - João Villaret

pelo sonho é que vamos, SEBASTIÃO DA GAMA (1924-52). Was a professor in Lisbon. His work is connected to the Serra da Arrábida, the mountain where he lived and that took as poetic leitmotiv. His posthumous diary is an interesting testimony of his experience as a teacher and a valuable reflection on teaching. Died of renal tuberculosis, which he suffered from a teenager.