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Bucket List: Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day. (It takes 46 mins with out factoring in time to switch out dvds and bathroom breaks, then if you want to get your self some food or anything else, you're looking at a good hours at least.

Ahhh yes

Before I die I want to cross the street in NYC and yell "hey! i'm walking here!" to a cab driver

The only time I really consider that I did this for real was being a guide for St Rose orientation and I had to stand outside in the rain for 3 hours.

I think I've danced in the rain. played in the rain. but i don't think I've ever sung in the rain!

Had a great time and a wonderful weekend with him after!

Take a kissing picture in a photo booth. We almost had a photo booth brought to our wedding for fun, but we decided not to. I'm not sure where else to find one around Jacksonville.

Already have. Let's change this to--as many times as possible :)

Read all of the Harry Potter books. Well I'm going to read them soon. after the series I'm reading

I really really want too! It combines two of my favorite things, it's in Paris and it's an art museum!

The louvre the art museum in Paris France always ever since I was little wanted to go there !